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We offer unique patient care boards that are unlike any others that are currently on the market. We combines Koral's beautiful nature photos with the utilitarian needs of patient care and nursing dry erase boards.

One big part of patient satisfaction is having available key information to patients and their families. Patient care dry erase boards are ideal for displaying important care information. These boards provide a focal point for this key information which helps reduces stress and anxiety both for patients and patients’ families and at the same time helps the staff. By adding beautiful nature photos to the boards, this is compounded and gives a sense of peace. With our Custom Nature Art Patient Care boards less space is needed on the wall and you are able to bring in the nature that evidence based research says is so important while also providing the utilitarian needs of the boards.

Custom designs including hospital logos, pain scales, doctor and nurses names, room numbers and phone numbers can also be printed for each patient room along with unique nature photos as the background.

Our dry erase boards are also perfect for nurse's stations, emergency rooms, intensive care units, etc. This communication is vital in the healthcare environment. Nurse managers cannot say enough about these unique nature art dry erase boards.

Our featured dry erase boards are made of tempered glass so cleanup is very simple. There is no ghosting. The nature photos are vibrant. Custom designs are available. We are experts at providing customized products for your specific needs. Magnetic surfaces are also available.

Patient Care Boards by Koral Martin patient care board liatris and butterfly
Patient Care Board easter lily patient care board
patientcareboards patient care board daisy

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