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Koral Martin specializes in nature artwork for hospitals, medical centers and other commercial environments. Her fine art photography is of the beautiful world of nature around us. Her fine art nature photography has the wonderful ability to help calm the stress of patients, staff and clients; heal patients faster and helps them require less medicine. She can customize her art to fit your or your business' specific needs!!
There are many print options for your healthcare or commercial environment. Photos ordered from the site can be printed on fine art photo paper or canvas.  Special Orders may be  printed or infused (sublimation) on metal,glass;or tile; or also matted, framed or stretched on canvas. Triptychs and quadriptychs as well as murals are available. The Patient Care Boards are a great addition to every room and station combining art with the utilitarian.
It’s becoming common knowledge that images of nature (often enlarged fine-art color photographs of nature’s works of art appropriately mounted and hung) in health care facilities are an essential element in the well being of patients and contribute positively to the mental state of both the staff and visitors. The next logical step in this progression is the realization that images of nature can contribute to the mental and physical well being of the general population. If a beautiful image of one of nature’s works of art helps a patient in the hospital by lowering stress levels and blood pressure and speeding the healing process, doesn’t it stand to reason that such images can have positive effects on our lives in environments other than just hospitals and clinics? What about corporate offices, government facilities, schools, retirement communities, rest homes, and of course our own, personal homes? These are all places where the therapeutic effect of beautiful nature photographs would be welcome. It’s exciting to think that fine-art nature photographs can have such a positive affect on our emotional and physical well being that they could help to make everyone’s daily life less stressful and their trips to the doctor less frequent.


Koral had artwork installed at the Cooper Center in Albuquerque New Mexico

Koral has Southwest photo pieces being installed in the Wyoming location of Presbyterian. 

Cumberland Falls
My love of nature has come full circle.  My parents raised me surrounded by nature. Our vacations were hiking, camping and fishing.  Now as they near the end of their lives, I have been able to share that love of nature back with them and make a difference in their lives as they cannot get out and enjoy it like they once were able to.  My story....

Story of my Dad and why both nature and sharing my nature photography with the healthcare industry is important to me. ....

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